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Many homebuilders build large homes in North and South Carolina and most home buyers can find little differences when they compare the finished project. This is not the case when you are fortunate enough to choose CWD Construction to build your future residence. You will be proud to own a home which truly stands out from others.

Chuck and Sonia Dohm are perfect partners in ensuring that exceptional quality and attention to detail are met in every aspect of the construction of your CWD custom home. Chuck is a mechanical engineer who believes in uncompromising structural quality and actually over builds each home structurally. CWD Construction homes exceed building codes in most construction aspects. For example, steel rebar is used in all footings and basement walls to ensure that your foundation will not settle or shift in future years. Chuck performs structural engineering design on every home plan which usually results in additional and enhanced structural supports beyond the architect’s design. For example, all long structural headers are bolted (instead of nailed) to eliminate the future sagging that can cause cracks and other problems. These are aspects of detailed construction that are only found when using a trained engineer to construct your home.

Sonia Dohm compliments Chuck’s dedication to quality and detail. She grew up in a construction family and understands the complete construction process. Sonia works with each customer after the home is framed to ensure that electrical, cable, and phone outlets are placed just right. She also works with each customer to design a custom kitchen that will be functional as well as beautiful. Sonia also possesses that gift of having a “designer’s eye”. Home buyers consistently compliment Sonia on her ability to suggest decorative touches that make their home truly unique and personal. The use of heavy four-piece crown moldings in foyers and formal rooms and three-piece in the den, kitchen and master bedroom as well as seven-inch baseboards throughout are details that are not found standard in most new homes. The cabinets in CWD homes are all custom constructed to your specifications to be functional as well as designed to look like expensive furniture. Sonia coordinates all of the interior aspects of this construction from custom trim to decorative tile designs in custom baths and kitchens. Home buyers state that Sonia’s help in materials and decorative choices make the use of a separate interior decorator unnecessary.

Throughout this website you will see examples of decorative and structural details that set CWD Construction apart from other homebuilders. Chuck and Sonia choose the finest craftsman as their subcontractors who have years of experience in their respective fields. CWD Construction does not select subcontractors based on price, but instead builds partnerships with subcontractors to ensure that the same exceptional quality goes into each and every home. Many of these tradesmen are family businesses who have learned their craft from fathers and grandfathers. Their skill combined with the finest building materials available creates a home that is well constructed and beautiful for many years to come.

CWD Construction is truly a family operated business that includes Chuck’s parents, Bob and Joe Ann Dohm. Chuck and Sonia are personally involved in every house and spend most of their day at each construction site. Every home is built as if it were their own personal dream home. “We like to take our potential buyers into our customer’s homes, and we rely on positive customer feedback for future business.” States Chuck, “We apply the same simple philosophy to everything we do - from building lasting partnerships with out contractors and suppliers to providing excellent follow-up. Our goal is to build each home with exceptional quality and attention to detail and to treat each home buyer, as we would want to be treated.


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